Always There

Always There
  • Jo - Mother of Two

    This is a sweet, gentle look at how our departed loved ones are still in our lives. A bit of rhyme, from a child's point of view, with a subtle spiritual tone. Lovely!

  • Janet - School Teacher

    The book, Always There, by Theresa DuVall is a touching, simple story that offers an opportunity to talk to a child about death.  The opening line, “Do you miss your mother?” draws you in.  Of course we miss our mothers when they’re not with us.  They are our hearts, but death is permanent and is a difficult concept for a young child to understand.   The remainder of the book offers insight into the common occurrences in the daily life of a child.  They are able to identify with them.  It’s a beautiful way to teach a child how to embrace the love a mother has for her child even when she isn’t physically present.  This book is straightforward yet uncomplicated and could make all the difference to a child who’s lost anyone in their life.

  • Louise - Attorney & Former School Teacher

    Marvelously touching tale of loss, love and resilience with illustrations so perfect that this beautiful, utterly charming book is sometimes called '...the one with the bright red cardinal...'!